1864 to 1875; The Catholics of Scranton were visited by Father Bragil who came from Des Moines about twice a year.  1866;  Several Priest, including Father Delaney and Father Concannon, ministered to the area”s Catholic population.  1875 to 1921;  Father Barry who was the first resident pastor in Jefferson served all of western Greene co., including St. Paul.


Father McGrath, Father Mulvihill, Father O’Farrell, Father Quirk and Father Kenney all provided spirital guidance to the parish.

St. Paul Parish, Scranton, Iowa was established as a parish in the Sioux City Diseases in May, 1921 by the late Most Rev. Bishop Heelan, D.D.


The first pastor of St. Paul Church was Rev. Thomas A. Coleman, who during his pastorate of about six years, built the beautiful brick rectory at a cost of some $14,000.  Father William F. Mason came in 1926, and during his time here finished paying for the brick parish house.

In July of 1931, the Rev. Father Mason was succeeded by Rev.  Father Peter Mattes as pastor.   In 1938, Father Mattes  Added many improvements including, a new front entrance and bell tower to the church, a new sacristy, and also added to the sanctuary, also adding a new composition roof.   As the third permanent pastor Father Mattes was pastor till May 28, 1940.


On May 28, 1940 Father T.J. Perion assumed the pastorate of St. Paul parish .   The church was redecorated inside and painted outside, the sanctuary renovated with new inlaid linoleum and carpet, new vestments and church equipment bought and paid for, new rewiring and overhauling of all equipment, and insurance coverage on the church, rectory and garage doubled.

StPaul-Front-B-900x3001960;    Father Kocker coordinated plans to erect a new church building.   This building was dedicated on thanksgiving Day, 1961.

1968; Father Greteman came to St. Paul in November.   Fr. added a new bronze tabernacle, statues and stained-glass windows.   The grounds were beautifully landscaped also. 1974;  Msgr. Koester was appointed pastor of St. Paul.

1989; Father Guenther was appointed pastor of St. Paul.  1993; Father Degen was appointed as pastor to St. Paul.  1994; Father Teideman served as pastor to St. Paul.  1995; Father Linnan of Jefferson St. Joseph was pastor to St. Paul.  1996; The rectory, not being used and empty, was sold.  1996; Father Dennis W. Meinen was pastor of St. Paul.  2000; Father Steven McLoud became pastor of St. Paul and also St. Patrick in Oratory.